First Steps: Getting Visual Studio up and running

C# is an advanced programming language that allows you to write software for many devices in multiple ways. There are many C# tutorials but this and following articles will focus on C# with Selenium webdriver .The most popular environment to program C# in, is without a doubt Visual Studio. Visual Studio is a comprehensive Development Environment with hundreds if not thousands of features. Don’t let this scare you! Getting started is much easier than it may sound.

Go to

Select the Visual Studio edition that is relevant for you. In this example we’ll download the free community edition.

Once downloaded, execute the installer by double clicking it. The installer may require an initial setup before configuring the installation of Visual Studio.

Once the initial configuration is completed, you will get the option to install several Workloads. To build solutions with Selenium Webdriver and C# it will be enough to only select “.Net desktop development”. (allthough if you are planning on building webapplications, feel free to select “ASP.Net and web development”)

Click “install” and the installer will begin.

After installation you may get a notice to login. You can do this with a Microsoft Account. If you don’t have one, then either create one or skip for now.

Finally, you’ll receive an option to select a color theme. Pick whatever you like and as for the development settings, you can just leave “General” as your choice and click “Start Visual Studio”.

Now it’s time to create your first project 🙂 ! Select “Create a new project”.

For our first project we won’t need an advanced user interface, so just select “Console App [.Net Framework].”

Fill in your project name: “MashitupProject”, select a location or leave as default and click “Create”.

Finally, you’ll see your project. In the left pane we’ll be writing our code and in the right upper pane you can see the project structure.

In next chapters you’ll find out more on what depencies we’ll need to actually start building a webautomation project with Selenium Webdriver and C#.

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