Free Drag and Drop Selenium IDE for C# developers from Mashitup

Ensure the quality of your webapplications, no matter what technology you use

Whether your organisation uses PHP, Drupal, Sharpoint, ASP.Net, etc.. It does not matter ! Mashitup QA allows you to ensure the quality of your webapplication by making use of automated tests.


The world leader in webautomation

Quality assurance of mashitup is based on Selenium, the world leader in webautomation. With Mashitup QA you'll get more, much more! In short, Mashitup QA is the interface on top of Selenium that you have always wanted!

Selenium is a lot better WITH Mashitup IDE

  • Selenium IDE generates incomplete code, Mashitup IDE delivers a working solution and remains extendable
  • Every action can be executed at any time, even while designing your testscenario! This increases efficienty a lot
  • You don't need any additional software or licences. Mashitup IDE just works on top of Microsoft Windows. Selenium is built in to Mashitup IDE

Low Code Solution

You don't need to be able to program with Mashitup IDE.With a simple and visual diagram Met een simpele en visuele diagram you can draw out your tests and execute them step by step.

A diagram that covers the load

  • Simple dragndrop of actions
  • Decide what happens at failure or success by rearranging arrows
  • Have coding skills? Then Mashitup IDE is freely extendible to integrate with your own logging, mailing system etc..


Chrome integration

Thanks to Chrome integration it is possible to make use of the full power of chrome

All advantages

  • Let Chrome impersonate several devices like Iphone or android by changint he door de user agent en resolutie in te stellen
  • Make use of Chrome extensions to ease up your webautomation
  • Be finally in control over the quality of your webapplications thanks to visual chrome tests
Free forever ! Try it today !

Recording automated test does Not work! Select elements with Xpath

There are a few quality assurance tools that swear by recording webactions, like Selenium IDE. Unfortunately this only works with simple scenarios. With years of experience I can tell you that recording webactions is a broken method. These recording tools often cannot replay their recordings correctly. Next to that, you can not make any mistakes while recording ....or you will have manual work. The bigger your testscenario becomes, the harder it gets. Also you cannot even execute each step seperately with these recording tools. In the end you often have no other choice but to repair an incomplete solution in-code.

Thanks to the integration of Chrome with Mashitup IDE, it is possible to make use of extensions and select correct elements on which you ie. want to click or type. Next to that, after setting up your tests, you will be able to execute each step seperately by which you'll know for sure what you have done simply works! You don't need to write out a full testscenario on paper. Mashitup IDE is built in such a fasion that you can use it as your personal webtesting notepad.


Execute your testscenarios when and whereever you want, without knowledge of programming.

Not only you don't need to be able to write code with Mashitup IDE, but you can also compile your testscenario in 1 click to an executable file. This files can be drag and dropped to your location of choice or even placed on a server somewhere in the cloud in order to be executed on specific times.


Integrate in the structure of your own organisation

As an organisation you may want to keep testresults in your own backoffice database or integrate the tests in your own system. Mashitup IDE allows this fully. You can build extensions yourself.


Generate C# with just a click of a button!

Handle complex situations by converting your project to code

One of the most powerfull features of mashitup IDE is that you can fully convert your project to a Visual studio Solution. You will be able to modify ALL the code that you generated and add more complex logic like recursive actions or loops. This is an extremely powerfull feature that delivers maximum transparency and control.

Sometimes you need a litle help to find the exact elements in a large piece of HTML. The RegexBuilder will make your life a lot more easy. You will be able to automate webpages in no time.


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