List of Tools That I (and maybe you too) definately need to (re)-install on a clean pc

I love productivity, luckely there are tools out there that can help me ! Here is a short (not definitive) list of tools that I use for my own productivity.

– Visual Studio (obviously)

-Notepad++ : so many usages for quick text editing or viewing large files. (also a very neat compare plugin (npp-compare))

– Resharper (makes life so much easier for a .Net developer)

– VS10X VS plugin: In Visual studio you need Navigation Navigation Navigation and VS10x helps a LOT in those legacy classes with thousands of lines of code !

– Telerik tools and controls : I use, I like it.

– Snoop / WPF Inspector: Snoop works a bit better for me .. WPF Inspector easily crashes with larger xaml files (in my experience)

– Snaggit: easy snapshots

– Camtasia: not using it so much currently but seriously top of the line for videos

– Xplorer2: Better than windows explorer, whenever you need to copy paste, you’ll be happy to have it !

– Free alternative for photoshop (and more important enough for me – I’m not a designer)

– DropBox: Doesn’t everyone use this, I also use skydrive

– Evernote: keep track of my notes: good for administration and decent tagging system

– Fiddler and WireShark: occasionally you may need to check what kind of calls your pc is making !

– Chrome and Firefox: I’m don’t feel bound to 1 browser !

– FF extensions: FireBug (debug your pages), Imacros (automate actions) , FireShot Pro(take full page screenshots even if larger than screensize)

– CryptoLicensing, Crypto obfuscator: if your software is out there, it needs protection (as far as it’s possible)

– Advanced Installer: no more screwing around with WIX for msi packages. I luv it.

– Less used:Teamviewer, LogmeIn,