Selenium C#

Selenium is a web automation tool used by many programmers. Most commonly it's used by testers to automate their testing processes, but it can be used to automate nearly any website for any purpose. Understanding how to use Selenium opens endless possibilities, especially when combined with a first grade programming language like C#.

Some background info on C# in case you have no experience in it:
C# has been around since the beginning of this century when Microsoft decided to create an all encompassing development framework for Windows. It is Object Oriented and this means that you can map your programming to match the real world. Instead of speaking of only digits and abstract variables, you can speak of actual things, such as a car, a factory, an apple, a person, an employee or in case of web automation, we could speak of a browser or web element.

When using C#, we will need an interface (not a visual one, but in the sense of coupling C# to Selenium). This interface is Webdriver. You will be able to find more details in the articles below. For now, an important fact is that Webdriver is recognized by the World Wide Web Consortium, also known as the W3C.


1. Installing Visual Studio (for absolute beginners)

2.  Set up Selenium Webdriver to control your Browser 

3. Finding and controlling xhtml elements with xpath

- Using Chrome for building your automation

- Using Internet Explorer

- Using Firefox

- Elements

- Xpath and selenium

- IDs